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Important Stuff Within!

As I did not want to keep the site offline anymore than absolutely neccessary. As you browse around please be aware that: Hello visitors, this site is currently very incomplete, As I continue working on this site and if you visit regularly you will find that some things may suddenly disappear and just as suddenly reappear. You're not seeing things it's just me working on the site. While I'm at it here I'll make a public request once again:

  • Any information/pictures of 333 that you would like to see posted here and shared please contact me via email at webmaster[@] (note: remove brackets from @ sign for valid email address).
  • Do you have a good or funny story about the squadron? Share it here. Anything about Trip-Trey of any era you would like to share. Anecdotes, long stories, short stories, pictures, official stories or unoffical stoies.
  • The more information and other stuff you provide the better this web site will become.
  • Keep this in mind. Once we are gone, will Trip-Trey live on? The more stories, pictures and other thhings we have. The more we can convey the camaraderie, the actions we were involved in, the humorous times and events on the flight line, in the air, in the club, in quarters or on liberty. Those are the things that made us "the world famous fighting shamrocks".{rscomments on}

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